What is SAIVA?

Until now, to get a deeper understanding about the decision and mistakes of the players the only source for coaches were videos or tactic boards, demanding a high level of abstraction. But with SAIVA, players can get a more enhanced tactical experience.

SAIVA - A technical tool aimed for professional coaches that want a deeper analysis and understanding about their replays.

Be it a standard play or a 1 vs 1 situation, feedback quality can be improved by repeating any situation from different perspectives and positions.

Coaches can share the scene with the player adapting any perspective for a better integrative feedback experience.


Starting from an academy level, all players interact, train and play on lineal training methods. The problem with Lineal training methods is that they are not player specific.

SAIVA helps players provide tailored training. Tailored training is designed to interact and provide input to individual players about their specific needs.

This allows to define devinsive, midfield and offensive strategies and specific tasks for each one of these positions.

It gives coaches a wide-angle perspective and helps the players to see their own performance from a third person perspective.