Real-time Collaborations Spatial Memory Unlimited Replays
Different Perspectives Complex Scenarios Time Saving

Change the

Dive into the immersive gameplay experience
and raise your training to a whole new level!

A service where players are able to
cognitively train.

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Immersive Replays.
Varied Vantage Points.

Using Easy-sports software, coaches can easily replicate and convey game tactics, ideas, and plays with their players. SAIVA’s immersive technology enables the players to replay each scenario inside the game situation from different angles, perspectives and positions every time.

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Deeper Analysis.
Enhanced Tactical Feedback.

With SAIVA, you can interact with players on the field, get profound analysis and provide extensive feedback on their game. We put you in a real situation to stimulate your cognitive skills. So, you get a deeper understanding of the gameplay. The more you exercise your brain, the better it performs.

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Virtually Connected
Training Platform.

Put on your headsets and enter the virtual training space. Be it an individual training session or with the whole team, SAIVA enables you to do it from anywhere. We provide the tool that can become a part of your weekly tactical training. So now boost your team's performance even if you are off-site!

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  • Oculus Quest 2 Headset
  • Easy Sports Animation License
  • Web Cloud service
  • Full AI Video analytics and AI Coach (2021) *
  • Electroencephalogram EEG (2021) *
  • Eye Tracking (2022) *
  • * SAIVA+ only!
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Well, this is something very new, i haven't heard from this before. Times are changing. This is definitely a very good idea and i think for young players that need to really absorb all the instructions from the coach.

Thiago Rockenbach da Silva

Proffessional Footballer, former Werder Bremen, RB Leipzig and Hertha BSC.

I really like what you are doing. The video is so interesting from a perspective of motor control and cognitive learning… there are so many things we could learn from that.

Ricardo de la Vega

Professor Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Sport Psychologist Deportivo la Coruña and Cameroon National Team.